brooke belisle

  • history and theory of photographic, cinematic, and digital media

  • media archaeology and comparative media theory

  • avant-garde, experimental, and emergent forms of the moving image

  • immersive and interactive media from the nineteenth-century to the present

  • critical theory, phenomenology, philosophy of embodiment and technology

  • visual cultures of science, world modeling and astronomical imaging





2018 NEH Long Term Fellow at the Library Company of Philadelphia.

2013-5 ACLS New Faculty Fellow.


PhD and MA from UC Berkeley in Rhetoric with Emphases in Film and in New Media.

MPS from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

AB from Princeton University in English.




The Bigger Picture

The desire to “see the bigger picture” aspires toward an expanded view that could only be pictured, because it exceeds direct perception. This book (in progress) traces how new media aesthetics have conjured this expanded view from the nineteenth century to the present. It focuses on panoramic, stereoscopic, and algorithmic strategies for coordinating multiple images into the provisional coherence of an overarching view. It shows how these strategies resurface in periods of technological and cultural transformation to visualize alternative ways coherence itself could be conceived. By engaging examples that range from popular visual culture to computer programs and works of contemporary art, the book demonstrates how efforts to articulate a bigger picture not only reflect, but also help produce shifting potentials of visibility, connection, and control.

Selected Articles and Essays

“Immersion” (in Debugging Game History: A Critical Lexicon, MIT Press).

“Nature at a Glance: Immersive and Interactive Display from Georama to Reality Deck” (Early Popular Visual Culture).

 “I See the Moon, The Moon Sees Me: Trevor Paglen’s Satellite Views” (Media-N special issue on Art & Infrastructures).

“Depth Readings: Ken Jacobs’ Digital, Stereographic Films” (Cinema Journal).

“Picturing 19th Century Networks,” (aModern special issue on Network Archeology).

“Artifacts: Trevor Paglen’s Frontier Photography” (in Making the Geologic Now: Responses to Material Conditions of Contemporary Life)

“The Dimensional Image: Overlaps in Stereoscopic, Cinematic, and Digital Depth” (Film Criticism).

 “The Total Archive: Picturing History from the Stereographic Archive to the Digital Database” (Mediascape).

 “Felt Surface, Visible Image: Lorna Simpson's Photography and the Embodiment of Appearance” (Photography and Culture).




  • History of Photography

  • Film and Media Theory

  • Introduction to Cinema and Cultural Studies

  • Embodiment and Media

  • Interface and Interactivity

  • Digital Cultures

  • Virtual Reality

Graduate (MA/PhD)

  • Networks: Figuring Connection

  • Comparative Media

  • Media Archaeology

  • What is Photomedia?

  • 19th Century Visual Culture

  • Topics in Contemporary Art

  • Academic "Boot Camp"